Sunday, December 17, 2006


Bought a red bugaboo frog.The chameleon was too big and made out of a nasty fleecy material, I wanted canvas. Canvas rocks. Red means no green but hey, what can you do? The salesman at Buy Buy Baby on 7th ave was very talented and won me over. I liked that when we decided on a frog some of his coworkers came over and gave him high fives and said things like "dude! another frog!". It's like he's the champion bugaboo salesman. His name is Jamie. He rocks.

Got rid of two nasty old chairs, sidewalk style.

Second weekend of serious nesting, revolutionised the apt.

Just ready to meet 'lil'un'.

Frau Random Doubt has shown interest in another cool name for a male child. This came about after I recounted a highly amusing story concerning a child of that name. I asked him what I should call my child were it to be a male child. His instant response was "my name". This made her laugh.

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