Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Crate and Barrel

Due to circumstances involving the winter party, my boss, some coworkers, a pulled pork sandwich, several (read many) pints of Brooklyn lager and a magical late night cab ride I spent last night on the couch in the living room.
Imagine my astonishment when the phone rang at 6.15 am. I thought the worst (well one does when the phone rings at odd hours) I thought family disaster, Trafford has died, something like that.


It was Crate and Barrel calling to confirm a 7am delivery of our new sofa.


Up I got, scrubbed and scrubbed some more and within half an hour two marvellous gentlemen had presented us with a shiny new chocolate colored sofa and storage ottoman!

I'm thinking of calling the lil'un "crateunbarrel".

Right, now it's silent reading all day.


Bill Norris said...

So you live in a NYC apartment that's big enough to hold both a couch and a new sofa? I knew private school teachers made lots and lots of money, but still...

Mondale said...

The couch in question is actually an old bed. Literary license demanded that I refer to the sleeping arrrangement-blind drunk, smelly, possibly a threat to the cat etc- as sleeping on the couch.

Anonymous said...

Bill- Who told you private teachers make lots and lots of money? HA!
Mondale - Do we get to see the new couch?

Mondale said...

there might be pictures.