Monday, December 11, 2006


I took the opportunity to walk to work this morning. The Gowanus canal in all it's glory at 7.45 am


weasel said...

I've always liked that name, "Gowanus". It sounds like a famer's outburst noise from dear old Norfolk. As in:

"Gowanus! Thass un'ufful big pyle o' cowshut, mawther".

Mondale said...

There used to be a bar around the corner called Gowanus. when it went bust someone stole the w.
You do the math.

bri said...

I LOVE the name "Gowanus!" I especially love when the traffic people come on and talk about a clog on the Inbound Gowanus. That is the most bizarre phrase. A large part of me wants to live in Gowanus but I worry a bit about resale value. How many years do you think it will take them to get rid of the smell? I am so fond of it, though.

Mondale said...

The smell is often not that bad, well if you discount april thru october and then take out any day that hits 60 degrees between November and March. That's also taking into account wind direction.