Friday, December 08, 2006

Only in New York.

(Or possibly anywhere else).
I wanted a new pair of Levi's. I'm not a clotheshorse, I know what I want and I know where to get it. I can be in and out within minutes and not many minutes at that.
I went to the place where I have bought Levi's before and managed to evade the facile floorwalkers until I got to the bit of the store that had exactly what I wanted right in front of me.


"I'm fine thanks, I just need a pair of those".


"No, that's the size I always get, that's what I'm wearing now".


"I know it looks like that but I'm really tall, It just looks that way".

Outmanouvered, she changed tack.


"It's about Bill Clinton".


At this point I was able to walk away.

Just another dose of minutae.


mactechwitch said...

I wonder what she was currently reading,The Life and Times of Britney Spears?

Wes said...

What I want to know is were in the world were you shopping?

Mondale said...

That marvellous little corner of the world we like to call "Canal and Broadway". I'm not proud of it but they sell the things i need.