Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I was not wrong.

I said this over a year ago. McClaren has to go.

The manager of the England football team has certain expectations placed upon him.

He must lead the team to the Quarter finals of the major tournaments. At least.

To fail to obtain qualification is an immediate resignation matter.

Mr McClaren, leave, leave now.


Tillerman said...

Look on the bright side. A-Rod, Posada and Riveira are all coming back to the Yankees next year.

Mondale said...

Look Tiller old bean, you seem to labour under the delusion that I give a s**t about the Yankees. Or then again your heightened sense of irony may be geting the better of me in my hour of lead. Anyway what I'm feeling right now must be similar to what a yankee fan feels when they fail to make the postseason/playoffs/World series yet again, year after year after year.

Anonymous said...

Nail him up. F*cking blotchy cheeked, imagination free, brillo haired arse face. How can a man be presented with all that talent on the pitch and still conspire to lead them to ignoble defeat? Rhymes with punt.


Mondale said...

Punt with a c?

weasel said...

yep. Punc.

Tillerman said...

Sorry old pea, it's so long since the Yankees failed to make the postseason that even an ancient old bean like me can't remember that far back.