Friday, November 09, 2007

The almost floods

It's like living in Holland. Well, in some ways but not in so many others. The whole 'living below sea level' thing is a distinct similarity.
This can get slightly awkward when the perfect storm of tides/winds/heavy rain/swell etc threaten the fragile coast.
Luckily the threatened catastrophe was avoided this morning as the winds weren't quite as bad, the tides not quite as high, the rain eased a bit and the swell was, well, just different.
Fortunately the coast was saved the worst effects.

And us?
We live 30 miles away on a hill.


msdee said...

nice pic!

Mondale said...

stolen from the local paper!

weasel said...

I've seen Cromer like that before: granddad used to make us take day trips in January as everything was cheaper off-season. We'd always go on Saturday afternoons for the half price batteries at Bennett's Discount as "its easier to park in Cromer than in St Andrews, and its free".

yellow belly said...

Eee lad that's nuffink. When I were a lad in Lincolnshire in 1953 we 'ad a REAL flood with waves 30 foot 'igh. Me dad were part of the folk that went to t'coast for weeks to 'elp clear up t'mess.

Mondale said...

I am restrained by an outstanding legal action from writing anything about Lincolnshire.