Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Book learning #38

Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain.

I did enjoy this book. I did.

I just felt that I would have enjoyed it much more five years ago.

It was one of the books on my parent's shelves, a book amongst many that I had wanted to read for a few years. Each time he appeared on TV doing his food/travel thing I thought to myself "Oh, I should read his book, the one about not eating fish on a Monday" . But I never did.
And I enjoyed it. I mean, I thoroughly enjoyed the first half , the early years, the crazy shit. Then he became more proficient, more clean and tidy, and slightly dull. I fell away towards then end. There are only so many well run and successful restaurant kitchens I can be bothered to read about.


msdee said...

I love Bourdain!

msdee said...

I dont have your email but thought you would be interested in this

Your Noisy Neighbor said...

Excellent reading. Makes me want to eat oysters whenever I think about it. Tune in to his show on the Travel Channel if you get it: "No Reservations"