Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A blog is born

Joy! A new blog is born. OK, it's been about since June but I have only just been informed of it's existence.
You can see the author (with the late Kitten whom she adored and in turn was adored right back) in th picture above.

Tales of LA and fine eatin!


Lisa Masuda - One Good Cook said...

Thanks for linking me to your blog!! How do I do that to mine? I'm so new to the blogging world but what a great way for us to keep each other up to date with life across the pond and in LaLa Land! What's this about Kitten's passing?!!!! What happened?

Mondale said...

Yeah! Linking is a groovy way to keep in touch with chums, especially those who feed you excellent food!
I'll email you kitten's obit, very sad but the way of life.

Your Noisy Neighbor said...

What a pretty blogger. And delicious!