Sunday, November 04, 2007


Adrift at the bottom of the Championship and 2-0 down against Ipswich.


NB: Never blog at half time. It's a silly thing to do. I'm glad this time it worked in my favour as City clawed a 2-2 draw. We are currently a little less adrift than we were before.


Tillerman said...

C'mon, don't forget Brooklyn so fast. Joe Torre is going to manage the Dodgers. Dem bums are on the rise.

Mondale said...

Tillerman, my office please.

A nice drop of hotstoving but I must make it clear. I am as likely to follow Mr Torre's fortunes with the LOS ANGELES Dodgers as suddenly turn into an Ipswich fan, paint my face blue and hop naked down Gentleman's Walk singing songs about fertiliser.

OK, I disappeared into East Anglian footy vernacular there but you get my drift. looking forward to something amazin from the amazins in 08.

weasel said...

2nd half on Sunday? Cor; like the 300 at Thermopylae. The rally starts here, if only to stop my Granddad banging on about how excited he is that his two favorite teams (NCFC and Brentford- from his time on the tugs) might meet in another year.

Jimmy Hill ruined football by leading the charge against the maximum wage, you know. I've heard that all my life as if Jimmy Hill was my fault.

one of dem bums said...

The Dodgers left Brooklyn and went to LA?????

Next thing you'll be telling me some cockamany story that the Giants are going to San Francisco. C'mon, I wasn't born yesterday.