Friday, July 22, 2005

Line and Length.

Alright America, enough is enough. This blog has been accused in the past of being a bit 'in-jokey'. We are about to go there for real. If you have no interest or knowledge of cricket feel free to disregard the following.
Ms Bri, I am really sorry, we should go for secret beers some time to make up for all the sports blogging. Weasel, get your arse down here, I've got the keys to the PE cupboard and all the gear. Clokeeey, you may get a laugh out of this.

Today the cricket gear arrived at school.

Today I attempted to teach 20 8 year old Americans how to call 'HOWZAT???!!!' and what the bails were for.
I tried (christ in heaven I tried) to stop them from 'pitching' the ball at each others heads.
I remained calm when asked for the 50th time "how do you score a home run?"
I even took it in my stride when my boss walked in at the very moment that one of the kids got a smack on the forehead with a bat ("Icepack! NOW!")

To be honest, the kids did well.
They totally g0t the hang of defending the wicket without standing in front of it, they understood that to stand in front of it would be bad. They understood getting bowled and caught. There were even a bunch of good strokes. We work on scoring runs next week.
They loved being allowed to yell "HOWZAT!!!!!?" whenever they were in doubt about anything.
Me? I had a blast!

For those interested in the start of the Ashes series, we hammered the Aussies in the first inning of the first test, all out for 190 (pathetic) but then completely failed to capitalise. Typical


Clokeeeey! said...

If you really want to confuse them. Explain the game in terms of "The team thats out in the first innings tries to get the team thats in, out. Then the team that was in and is now out has there turn in and the the others go out. They try to get the team that is in - out and then repeat for the second innings."
Don't use a whiteboard, that will only help them understand.
I also like the way kids and some women, during the 2nd day of a test match will ask "Who's winning?" How do you answer that?

Good to see your pathetic mob living up to expectations. It will be over by Saturday, one way or another.

Listmaker said...

bowles, fuck the 8 year olds. when does this 32 year old get a lesson?

Mondale said...

You?? I don't think so.

weasel said...

"I tried (christ in heaven I tried) to stop them from 'pitching' the ball at each others heads." Why? It works fine for Harmison.

Mrs. Weasel's mother has a new house and the porch is just like a pavillion; I feel like I should pad up and take the slow amble to the crease every time I see those whicker couches.

Mondale said...

Clokeeey, as for using a whiteboard to improve understanding, the last thing i want to do is introduce cricket to another former colony who can then become better than us. Besides, you've never seen me play, you have no worries on the ability stakes!

weasel said...

Does "wicker" have an H? I think not.

weasel said...

"bowles, fuck the 8 year olds." Dangerous thing for an educator to be saing in these Jacksonian times, Listo.

Mondale said...

I think whicker does have an 'H'.

weasel said...

I checked: Alan Whicker does, wicker chairs don't; at least not in American usage.

Giles is giving up about 5 runs an over and the Aussies are charging away with 247 for 3. Did someone replace the bowler friendly wicket overnight? What a difference a day (and relative humidity) makes.

jamie said...

i have no idea what you're all talking about, but it's fascinating for some odd reason.

i'm with Listo - i want a lesson and the chance to hit a home run (kidding). let's get something going in Prospect Park.

Mondale said...

Alright, I'll bring a grown up bat back from my upcoming hols in blighty. We can 'borrow' some gear from school and hit the park one afternoon towards the end of august.