Saturday, July 23, 2005

The Ashes (Why can't we just have a war with Australia and be done with it?)

Close of play on day two.
Australia lead by 314 runs.
England have a mountain to climb (although it's not impossible).
A week from now the wife and I will be flying into Blighty for our summer hols.

Last year Ms Random Doubt got into the cricket on the TV, she was quietly fascinated.
This year she may well learn more as we are doing a countryside retreat/house swop and have already planned our days of doing nothing but watching the tests and eating proper bacon and drinking too much (yeah!)
I have told her that it takes a lifetime to understand it and there is no hurry.
I have also promised her that we will ride our bikes into nearby villages and watch village games from pub benches before wobbling home.
We will also see friends and family and abandon our normally semi healthy lifestyle.
I cannot wait.


Clokeeeey! said...

Ok, so the story goes that when the Aussies turn up to Lords, all semblance of an opposition goes scurrying for the hills. I really thought there might be a challenge this time round. We made it interesting by basically forgoing the first innings and turning this into a one inning match, a sort of one dayer which the Poms are more used to being competitive at, but even then, your mob completely goes to water. Ooooww, here comes McGrath, ooowww, there goes Warney. Don't hurt us convicts, you can take our bread now.
Run, hide chaps, gather the scones and tea, don't let the savages have there way with us.
When you get back home, go kick some pale white pommy butt. We want to see a good game......

Mondale said...

I'm going to have words. To fail to take a lead after putting you out for 190 is a bloody disgrace. To fail to even make a game of it after such a promising start. I listened to it yesterday on the BBC, they kept talking about how it had been a 'fascinating' test. I'm always suspicious when commentators talk about 'fascinating' tests, byword for crappy and depressing England performance?

weasel said...

Bikes? Cricket on the village green? warm beer? Admit it; you are going on a John Major theme holiday.

Mondale said...

A John Major holiday? Absolutely! Sounds like a bloody marvellous idea, lots of mildly drunken stupidity bound up nicely with a comfy pair of slippers and a nice sweater. We are definately going for the 'boom bust' economic budget strategy.