Sunday, July 03, 2005

Bowlesapolooza/meatfest 2005.

Mr Bowles held a rather agreeable meatfest cook out barbie type thing yesterday. This was a rounding up of those gentlemen of the parish whose wives had buggered off to Florida for Schmidty's bacherlorette weekend. Plus a few welcome gatecrashers!

Much meat and shrimp was scoffed and a good time seemed to be had by all, I thought it went pretty well especially considering that it's one of the major grill up weekends of the year, and me, a mere Englishman. Put on a pretty good show.

Thanks to all who made it work and especially for the superb selection of beers that you all brought with you. Not one Bud or Coors light made it over my threshold. I was delighted to see Americans thinking with their thirst. Needless to say the night ended up with me and a couple of diehard neighbours finishing them off across the street, hey? you wouldn't have wanted them to go all stale and mouldy in the fridge would you?


Debbie said...

Did you wear your BCS apron?
Sounds like fun but
I don't think you should be living across the street from a bar cuz.........

Mondale said...

Shh! Don't mention the thing I was lent yet failed to return! But yes, I did wear the apron of my employer and proudly grilled as baseball and other manly things were discussed.

Debbie said...

what apron?