Tuesday, July 26, 2005

East meets West, sort of.

Remember that famous (yet staged) photograph of American soldiers shaking hands with members of the Red Army? That one? The one on the River Elbe?

Well, This weekend Listmaker and Ms Listmaker travel north to New England.
At some point on their journey an historic meeting will take place, they will meet with Weasel, in Portland to watch a ballgame.

I would be jealous but I have travels of my own and plans to journey north later in the summer.
Fellas, from this ole' Norfolk boy to another (and Listo and Ms Listo), have a bloody marvellous weekend.

I shall be visiting Listo tomorrow to pass on a box of teabags for the Weasel. I just want a reenactment of that famous picture.


Listmaker said...

i'm assuming weasel will be the commie?

Mondale said...

Weasel IS a commie.

weasel said...

Hard line Stalinist commissar, please.
Listo, I have your tickets.

Listmaker said...

is that a threat?

i don't care. i have a list in my hand that lists the prominent maine communists.

weasel said...

Easy there Roy Cohn, I've seen "Angels in America".

Just letting you know I have them rather than leaving them at the ball park. Not a threat....yet.

Mondale said...

Just as Beria would have wanted, I have started a blood feud between left wing factions in the North east. Comrades, Fight to the death!