Thursday, January 06, 2005

The hour of lead

I've not written for ages and about that I'm sorry. I'm sorry that I have neglected too many people. There are no excuses apart from the fact that one cannot be expected to bulldoze through life without rest. I shall publish quiz answers over the weekend and who knows, maybe this is the first of a flurry of new entries, falling upon you like snow. I am tired and just as they give me the most joy, people also give me the most fatigue (There are the exceptions, you know who you are). I just feel like i need a rest from 'other' people. The people who fill my days with stuff I don't need. Being the optimist that I am I shall soon be up and about and publishing more stuff for you'all.


weasel said...

Good lord man, you sound like a prepared statement by Mariah Carey's publicist explaining her latest breakdown du jour.

Welcome back, Kotter. Why didn't you ever tell me about your floral shirts before? I demand photos.

Mondale said...

By Jove!
There really is nothing quite like a word from Weasel to pull a man together. Thank you sir, I shall be back on active duty asap.
I think that i've been amongst 'touchy feely' Americans too long. I should have known better than to get emotional.