Monday, January 17, 2005

Oh Janus.

God of openings and doorways.
Patron of entrances and beginnings.
First month of the year, Janus. You have been with us for seventeen days and during that time I have had some cautious sensations regarding the dawn of 2005.
On Saturday a little part of me came to terms with the prospect of relegation. I know, this is just sport, not life and death but it is something that I fear I will have to embrace come May. I watched Norwich get beaten by Aston Villa 3-0. We were taken apart, ever so nicely, and left by the wayside.
You see, I cannot write such words as these on the NYCanaries website.
That is the place for stoic loyalty and bravehearted, grim witted optimism.
I would rather wax lyrical about past glories or amusing run ins with celebrities than confront the slow, inoxerable misery of relegation.
Like the Romans of old, we curse or praise our gods depending upon the fortune they place upon us.
At this time we know not what such fortune is to be.


Debbie said...

cheer up ol' boy the season aint over yet. I think? I know nothing about the game but I do know you are a loyal fan!
Better days are comin'

Mondale said...

no they are not.

weasel said...

Debbie- well intentioned kindness and boosterism is very nice of you, but we Norwich fans secretly enjoy the
haplesness of our situation; we are never going to win the league so at least this gives our season some drama.

What might at first seem like a doubly cruel irony- the fact that Ipswich are probably going to go up as champions as we sink back down- is in fact a blessing as our brethren in Carra Rud won't have to hear them sing about us getting relegated in those stupid Suffolk accents. Besides, I bet Arsenal or Chelsea put 8 past them on their first meeting in 05-06 while we will be revenged on bloody West Ham (who will fail to go up again).

In the meantime, sit tight, put on your Norwich shirt, and sing "Bridge over Troubled Water" to yourself. Then send me a photo; just the thought of that scene is cracking me up as I type.