Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Quiz answers!!!!

At last! After weeks of careful negotiations and tearful farewells we are finally able to deliver the answers to the end of year quiz.
Category 1. Expletive deleted:The White House.

1. When was the last time that New York State went Republican in a Presidential election? 1984, the only state to go for Mondale-Ferraro was Minnesota.
2. FDR's last Vice President was born where? Harry Truman was born in Lamar, Missouri.
3. He said this in his innaugural address "Even now a rocket moves towards Mars". Who? Did you really even begin to imagine that I would leave out my favoutite all time Texan Pres called Lyndon? Did ya?
4. Jimmy Carter had 2 Secretarys of State. Who was the second? It was Edmund Muskie of Maine.
5. Two Presidents have banned the playing of 'Hail to the Chief'. Name them.
Well, this is open for discussion. Sure, Jimmy Carter banned it outright but funnily enough George W. Bush has severely limited it's playing. He feels it should only be played on profoundly formal occaisons.

Category 2 has been removed. Australian Geography? I mean, who cares?

Category 3. "Scuse me? Can you tell me where the ground is?"

(Where do the following sports teams call home?)
1. Somerset County Cricket Club? These also rans of first class cricket play at 'The County Ground' in Taunton, Somerset, UK
2. New York Mets? Shea Stadium.
3. New York Islanders? Nassau Colliseum.
4. Dinamo Bucharest? Stefan Cel Mare
5. Boston RedSox? Fenway Park, The Green Monster

Category 4. "One is closer to God in a garden".

1. Prospect Park in Brooklyn was designed by who? Olmstead & Vaux of course!
2. It's in Boston, it's next to Boston Common, It's a park. What is it called? The Public Gardens (It's got nice ducks).
3. 'Hitler's Oak' is located in which English beauty spot? (special thumbs up if you can explain the reason for the name?) It's in a place called How Hill in Norfolk. The Boardman family used to own the house and one of their sons was an olympic sailor. He won a gold medal in 1936. Adolf Hitler awarded all gold medal winners an oak tree. Boardman duly planted his in his family's back garden. It's there to this day, you have to ask a gardener to point it out, it's not like they have a big sign saying "HITLER'S OAK". It makes you wonder if Jesse Owens ever got one.
4. Columbus Circle stands at the entrance to which New York public space? Central Park.
5. There is a park in Munich that should appeal to me. Name it. The Englisher Garten. I've never been but a Munich friend of mine has often told me that I should.

Category 5. Bricks and mortar .

1. The Brooklyn Bridge became the tallest building in the world in which year? In 1883.
2. Which building took the title three years later? The Eiffel Tower.
3. Who designed and 'built' the Clifton Suspension bridge? Isambard Kingdom Brunel . (If anyone can get their hands on the Cosgrove Hall animated musical version of Brunel's life entitled IKB I would love to know.)
4. He designed the pyramids at The Louvre. Name him. I.M.Pei
5. What's the tallest building in the world? Right now it's the one on Taipei.

Category 6. Lyrics.

Name the artist.
1. "I got me a fearless heart". Steve Earle.
2. "To live in the hearts of of those he loved is not to die". Badly Drawn Boy.
3. "Don't take any wooden nickels when you sell your soul". Eels.
4. "She worked at fifteen clubs a day". The Beatles.
5. " If it's good enough for you" Dodgy.

Category 7. Poets.

Name the poets.
1. Dead Englishman who lived in New York during WW2. His friend's memories inspired the Broadway show 'Cabaret'. W.H.Auden
2. This dead UK Poet Laureate apparently bore more than a passing resemblance to my father. Ted Hughes.
3. Living London poet, wrote the children's classic 'Chocolate cake'. Michael Rosen.
4. Dead American with a dysfunctional marriage to #2, suicide. Sylvia Plath.
5. A great big living hairy Aussie poet, first name 'is more'. Les Murray.
If you don't do so already for god's sake read more poetry.

Category 8. Movies.

Name the movies.
1. Two British blokes climb up a mountain in Peru. They both come down again but in freakishly differing circumstances. "Touching the void"
2. Probably one of my favourite movies ever. Australian sporting comedy from the early 1980's involving "ma-ra-ju-ana" and corruption in an Aussie rules football club. "The Club" Huge thanks to Dave & Hamish for turning me onto the o.m.d where I found that this movie really does exist and was not just a figment of my imagination.
3. Robert McNamara tells all (except he doesn't) "The fog of war".
4. Clean your memories of slightly mad ex girlfriend. "Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind".
5. Matthew Broderick has to buy rare creatures for Marlon Brando. "The Freshman".

Category 9. History.

1. He became King Emperor of India on December 11th 1936. Who in the blue blazes was he? King George VI of Great Britain & her Empire & Dominions, King Emperor of India
2. She was the first ever US Senator who was not a man. Who and when? (and a great big warm, smug feeling if you can relate any of the slightly devious details about how and why she got the job). Her name was Rebecca Felton who was appointed by Gov Thomas Hardwick of Georgia. He thought that by appointing an 87 year old in late November she would have to stand down when the newly elected senator was sworn in in January 1923. The new senator duly stood aside for one day only to allow rebecca to take the oath in the Senate thus becoming, for one day only the first Female Senator.
3. Born in Takster, Tibet in 1935. Name him. (GOODBAR QUESTION!!!!!) The Dalai Lama. Well done Mr P!
4. In what year did Tom Daschle first become a US Senator? 1986.
5. The costliest day in the history of the British military. July 1st, 1916. The first day of the battle of the Somme.

Category 10. Zeitgeist.

1. Jason Alexander produced both the 'Agent Cody Banks' movies. True or False? This is true. don't ask me how I know this shit.
2. In which South American country did poor old John Peel die? Peru.
3. Norwich City chalked up their 2nd Premiership win of the 2004/05 season. Against which team? Bolton Wanderers
4. When will the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center be taken down? January 5th.
5. What's the world's largest ship? The Queen Mary II

Category 11. Bonus Philosophy round. (just think it)

1. Is the wind cold or refreshing? It does tend to depend very much upon your state of mind at the point of impact.
2. Can you handle the truth? Sadly very few of us can, unless it's of a complimentary nature. Still, it's a good thing to try and live by and an invaluable asset within a relationship.
3. If some men see things as they are and say why? and some men see things as they could be and say why not? What do the women think? As a man I will not flatter myself to even try and answer this.
4. Which is your best foot? It's really a 50/50 choice.
5. When stopping by the woods on a snowy evening do you feel beauty or fear?
Quite definately a glorious mixture of both!

There, hope you enjoyed it. Sorry the answers took so long.


jamie said...

when I went to the Englisher Garten, my friends (2 women) and i were a bit surprised at all the toplessness and total nudity that abounded. of course, i thought Munich had the highest percentage of beautiful women i'd ever seen anywhere so this wasn't a terrible thing. not that we were gawking, but our American eyes weren't used to such sights being so...readily available.

the moral - you should definitely go.

Listmaker said...

i was in munich in the cold wet march weather. it sucked.

can you explain the first woman senator thing, i'm a little confused.