Monday, January 10, 2005

Selective memory

I really can't explain why 2005 has put such a kiabosh on my blogging. I tried to put the quiz answers up over the weekend and became so easily distracted that the whole thing just fell apart in an admirably clumsy way.
I think it may be due to mild work related pressures and a new years resolution to do something well if it's to be done at all.
Just another thought. Does anyone else read memoirs and autobiographies and seek out crucial dates within them to see what records the subject kept? I wonder what Noel Coward was thinking the day they bombed Nagasaki? What did LBJ report the day England won the world cup? I always get a bit annoyed if my expectations are not met, if these poeple whose lives I have taken the time to read about are not as obsessed with the annihilation of Japan or Geoff Hurst's hatrick as I am.
Then I read over some of my blogging for the past few weeks (or complete lack of it) and I have no published thought towards the crisis in Southern Asia (this entry doesnt count as I'm reporting the fact that I have made no entry). I suppose that if anyone is reading this in thirty or forty years time they may well be upset with me. I feel better now. I feel empathy.

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