Friday, January 21, 2005

The gathering clouds.

They say a Nor'easter is on it's way.
I'm reading a terrific book about WW2 ('Armageddon' by Max Hastings).
I've just netflixed all the 'Band of Brothers' dvds.
Mayhew is in town over the weekend (but fortunately he has no need to do any 'sights')
Just had a load of firewood delivered.
It's pretty safe to say that I'm going nowhere for a day or two.
I do love a good winter storm!


Debbie said...

Here's hoping schools are closed due to the storm then everything would be perfect for you
Enjoying your toasty fire hmmm?
I'll turn on my stove range and get the same effect without the wood man.

weasel said...

Snow? Don't talk to me about snow. Sincerely, the State of Maine.

Mondale said...

Oi! Don't detract from my boyish enjoyment of snow.
I'm not after a snow day (however, if one did come along i wouldn't object).