Tuesday, January 11, 2005

straight talkin, hip shootin, man of the people type stuff

If you care to follow the NYCanaries link on the right of this page you will find "He's big, he's bold, he's Bowlesy"
It's where I do my duty by the old country and write an occaisonal 'man of the people' style article about football.
This one is about the FA Cup.
You should also check out the 'Maine man' articles by my dear old chum Wisdom Weasel.

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weasel said...

Steve Archibald; my favorite FA Cup player of all time, and for no really defined reason. It must be my age- when I think FA Cup I think Spurs.

Great piece, Alex- I especially liked the insightful comparison between the presidency & the cup (and I'm not taking the piss, I promise. Very clever thinking).

Anyway, I found this site: Sporting Heroes which has photos of almost every single past and present pro footballer in England back to the box brownie. Its a great way to not do any work.