Friday, December 17, 2004

Ethical behaviour and the Kennedy administration.

This is a true story and also a playground fable.
A colleague and a good friend of mine who writes a blog entitled 'L*******r' but who shall remain anonymous.
I was on yard with this person and the other third grade teacher. He went into violent spasms and started grabbing his thigh. I thought he had leg cramp and wandered over to offer assistance. It wasn't leg cramp it was arse cramp or butt strain or arse strain or butt cramp or whatever the hell you want to call it. He was in real agony and was hopping about. I was laughing quite a bit. Two girls came over and asked him if he was OK. We lied and said he was. This reminded me of how the public had to be kept away from the truth regarding JFK's illnesses and adultery. We kind of lied to the kids to protect the image of "Mr X". If they knew that he suffered from arse cramp it might damage his credibility as a premium third grade teacher who used to live with Balgavy.


ms.bri said...

This makes me laugh.

A technical note, though - you should probably take away some of the letters of that other third grade teacher's name because if she or anyone else googles her name, they will be led to this blog. Unless, of course, you don't mind that. It's just something that bit me in the ass when I had my first blog, which I eventually had to shut down because too many people I didn't like were reading it.

Oh, yeah - will you asterisk my last name out of that earlier entry, while you're at it? Thanks for the publicity, though!

weasel said...

Why does the image of 'Arold and Old Man Steptoe standing on the playground spring to mind?

youthlarge said...

and i thought his toe cramps were entertaining!