Wednesday, December 01, 2004

I love my job.

Do you ever goof off at work? Ever mess about and just act silly? This afternoon listmaker and I took on a bunch of third graders in an impromptu basketball game. We lost. Just goes to show that the much quoted "height advantage" mattered not when faced with 11 nine year olds screaming at you and jumping around in your face.
Just a thought.


weasel said...

I wholeheartedly endorse this concept: last week I got to run up and down Main Street with 8 teenagers decorating lamp posts with wreaths and lights, played tag, and got to lord it over a bunch of kids while playing soccer outside my office. Crunching tackles by 31 year olds on 14 year olds: yes!!!

youthlarge said...

good lord, listmaker is the worst basketball player on the planet! once he and i took on team plumley in memphis driveway and we got whooped!

Debbie said...

Wow! I actually worked and the job of two people no less
I deserve a day of silliness and fun.

Listmaker said...

bibimbop, we only lost in memphis because you woudn't throw a few elbows. alex, at least we stuffed a few kids. or you did, mr. goaltending bowles!

Mondale said...

Hooray for being 6'5"!
Listmaker, pull your weight next time.