Wednesday, November 29, 2006

testing times

I'm not happy about this, the kids are busy doing tests this week. The desks are in rows and there is tension in the air. It's dull.

My week has been "Sit down, turn to page 23 , read the text carefully, no talking, make sure you have two sharp pencils ready, if you need anything raise your hand and I will help you but remember, I can't help you with the test."

I vastly prefer interaction and actual teaching.

Roll on next week.


Anonymous said...

This is new or do I not remember standardized test taking last year?

Mondale said...

it's all new. we did talk about it last year, It's so the kids dont get freaked out about the 4th grade stuff.

Listmaker said...

if you are blogging while you should be working, can you really classify this post under the title "work?" just wondering.