Thursday, November 02, 2006

Book learning. THE LIST.


I'm trying to compile a list of the very best of Book learning 2006.
Out of 27 books read so far I only have 4 that I would recommend as being superb f*cking reads.

One of them involves rabbits.

I just find it interesting.


bri said...

Holy cute overload!

Speaking of which, have you ever visited the site Sometimes Wes calls me in the middle of the day to force me to check something on it because it is so cute it is vomit-inducing. Just saying.

Mondale said...

cute is always good. Who doesn't love bunnies?

lanoe hawker said...

I tell you what mate. Soon you will get to read about 0.7 of a book a year and that will be 'miffy'. What with the nappies and the waking in the night stuff and realising why they make tissues. Working out how to operate car seats/high chairs/buggy's. Walking around with a damp baby hanging off your arm. Oh yeah and finding youself standing and rocking when your not even holding the bairn.