Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Gas, not Cole.

I haven't thought about them in a while, I'm hoping they are OK. I refer of course to my second team, Bristol's worst. They have a history of homelessness and below average league form (currently residing mid table in League Two) but in some small way, some nostalgic relic from my past, I cannot give them up. They also have one of the best nicknames in sport.
Bristol Rovers, affectionately known as "Gas'eads" .

Our rivals are Bristol City, affectionately known as 'Shit Heads' Because, well, you work it out.

I became a Gashead when I worked for the club back in the early 90's as a steward. I was already a die hard Norwich fan but my head was turned by this bit of rough, this dirty jewel of the South West. I needed my weekly fix of live sport and working for them provided me with a paid opportunity to watch lower divison footy for the first time (Norwich in those days were a Premiership force to be reckoned with).
My roomate at the time, Ringer, a local lad from Keynsham was a fervent Shithead and was aghast at my choice. "How would you feel if I moved to Norwich and became an Ipswich fan?" I replied that he wouldn't ever do that because it just doesn't work like that in Norfolk. In Bristol the teams live on top of each other, In the east we are 40 miles apart and know little of each other's ways and habits. His own Brother in law was a Gashead, Ringer ended up marrying a Norwich fan. Funny how things turn out.

When asking Bristolians about their preferences the following is not uncommon. "Are you shit or gas?" "Me? I'm shit, I fuckin hate the gas." It takes some getting used to.

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