Monday, November 20, 2006

Running scared.

I've been out a few times since the knee specialist pronounced me fit for running again.

Following the 'incident' at the end of August and the swelling, the ice, the acupuncture, the six week wait to visit said knee specialist, the almost nervous breakdown 'I'll never bloody run again" and the entire day spent in his waiting room. The new ipod filled with enthusiastic running tunes and the reading of Runner's World on the loo, I'm getting back.

The route is the same as it was last year, just building up strength and reaping the rewards of getting outside and running. All told it's about five and a half miles (closer to six if you include the walk up and the walk down)over the Brooklyn and Manhattan bridges, alternate directions each time today (if I get out of here in time for the last hour and a half of daylight) it'll be the Manhattan first then back via the Brooklyn. With fading light it's a bit safer to run that direction there being more people about.

I'm keen to up the ammount of runs I get in a week. I want to start getting up just before dawn again and getting out at least once a week in the morning. You may think it's easier to get up just before dawn when dawn is later, trouble is a later dawn comes with colder airs and snugglier bed. An almost lethal combination!
Also, heading out to Long Island this week for the holidays. Not a great running environment, massive ammounts of food, TV, large sofas etc plus a dull suburban route as opposed to the vistas of the bridges and the streets of Chinatown and Brooklyn. They do have a neat runnning track at the local high school, I could do a few laps whilst listening to music.

Two free periods at the end of a Monday means I'm going to try and get out of here ASAP and get on the road by 4pm. Now I just have to watch out for those parents wanting a 'word'.

The Manhattan Bridge, A killer gradient but at least no tourists.

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