Friday, August 19, 2005

There's no 'I' in Immigration.

Right, some folk have expressed a mild degree of concern over my latest scrape.
it's really very simple.

I am between processing. This means that I am waiting for an appointment at the Embassy in London before I can return. The lovely Ms random Doubt had to leave for 'home' yesterday so i'm just hanging here in Norfolk, feet up and chilling.
When all is said and done i should be back in good time for 'work week'- don't worry listo!
This is just what happens when that 10% of the "I'm 90% certain this will all be done by August 18th" pops up and gives you a cheeky kiss.

If you've ever been an immigrant you will fully understand.
If you never have, don't waste your time trying to imagine.


Debbie said...

Bets are on.
Who's in?
We all know how the govt. works here and abroad.
Who says mondale makes it to Fac work week?
Who says He doesn't?
How much should we wager?

If you don't make it Mondale, it would clear Listo's no show on Fac work week (Actually it was just one day not a whole week) because he was at a very impt. game.

bri said...

If only Quakers could gamble....

bri said...

Dammit, Bowles - you were supposed to be buying me beer before school started! I'm going to smack you down if you don't deliver the goods.

-Bri, a good Quaker very into abstaining from vice and violence

weasel said...

Speaking of gambling, Bowlesy, would you be so kind as to put a tenner on the Premiership having an alphabetical top and bottom (as in Arsenal first, Wigan last) at the end of the season? William Hill will do the odds for you while you wait. Seriously, I'll pay you back at current exchange rates when you get back and once I have the betting slip in hand.

Debbie said...

just for the record
I don't gamble.:)
not since losing the oscar pool 2 years in a row

Listmaker said...

i have no idea what you are referrig to. seriously.