Friday, August 19, 2005

Mo Mowlam.

Mo Mowlam has died aged 55 after a long illness.

Quite frankly unique, there is no US counterpart.

As Northern Ireland Secretary in the 90s she told hard line Ulster Unionist Ian Paisley to "fuck off".

I'm not sure she'd like to be remembered for that, but then again.


weasel said...

I think she should be remembered for that- and for going to have tea in the Maze with the UFF. Good lass, she was.

Why is it always the Cooks and Mowlams who die young rather than the Norman Tebbits?

Mondale said...

Good point, Mrs Thatcher is still going strong.

weasel said...

That's beacuse Mrs. Thatcher sneaks around the country visiting homes where guinea pigs have been carelessly left in an outdoor run. She lives on a diet of free-range guina pigs, you know.

mactechwitch said...

55?! Younger than me.
Only the good die young.
Fuck off Ian Paisley Professional Bigot, every day of your continued s***-eating life.

Mondale said...

Maureen, we need more of that type of language in faculty meetings next year!
I love the way you can use 'fuck' yet are all demure about 'shit'.