Thursday, August 18, 2005


If you're going to be stuck in immigration related limbo anywhere it might as well be your favourite laid back lil hometown with your sister away on a lengthy august vacation so that you can live in her house and pretend it's your own.


bri said...

Um... Bowles, dear? WTF? Could you please fill us in just a TEENSY bit more? What's going on?

Mondale said...

Hello dear, I am awaiting immigration clearance, will take another week or two. In the meantime I get to go to cricket matches with my dad and live alone in my sister's expansive townhouse while she take one of those ridiculous 'european' (by which i mean AUGUST) vacations with her family. Beth has had to return to the states because she has a proper job (even though she is self employed). I have an appointment at the US embassy on Thursday. Shouldont interupt my schedule of boozy lunches with the old school tie network. weather's gorgeous, wish you were here!

weasel said...

nice to chat earlier. I wa sort of hoping that you would becoe like that Tom hanks character in "The Terminal" but realise that it would be hard on Mrs Mondale to have to constantly bring you snacks to the security gate.

Hurry up and get back oover; I have a present I'm itching to give you (and I am looking forward to getting those bloody books back).