Friday, August 19, 2005

Petcare 2000

I always thought it might be fun to run a pet shop. It would have a futuristic edge to it, hence the name, 'Petcare 2000'.

Right, my question is this. Is it OK to leave two guinea pigs outside (in a semi covered run with hay, a carrot and dry food plus water) in the rain?

The run is much bigger than their snug little hutch but it is open and it's quite cold outside.

I think it probably is OK but if Milo and Fizz kark it then I'm in it deep with my neice and nephew.


mactechwitch said...

Oh it'll put hair on their chests, don't worry.

Debbie said...

people have been known to leave cakes out in the rain so 2 hamsters will be fine

If you are going to start a business
Try something you are really good at.
open up a waffle house

Debbie said...

I meant guinea pigs

bri said...

NO! As the only one here with an apparent love of rodents, it seems to me that I am left to tell you not to let your niece/nephews' pets freeze. My rats hated getting wet. I imagine these rodents might not enjoy it either, especially that horrid bone-chilling British coldness.

Mondale said...

For fear of sounding like an inverse Basil Fawlty these are not rats or hamsters, they are guinea pigs. Maureen, they already have hair on their chests and everywhere else. Debbie, a petshop wouldon't have the unsocial hours aspect of a waffle house and Bri, they are now safe and well in their tiny wee hutch. Plus my sister is back for the weekend with kids in tow so I have fled to the relative sanity of my parents house. There is endless shuffling and lots of radio.

Clokeeeey! said...

In case you missed it, 2000 was a while ago, you want a name like Petcare XP, or Petcare Vista. Numbers are so last century.

afp763389 said...

... :( (mean crap)