Tuesday, August 09, 2005

God Bless you Norfolk, you're a damn fine place.

Been away from the 'puter for a while and have decided to take a slightly tipsy evening away from it all to catch up.
Our vacation so far............
Chestnut Cottage is unreal, daily routine involves getting up, breakfast and feeding the animals (hens, geese, cats etc) getting Ms Random Doubt used to the huge ammount of spiders.
Then it's off to check out the day's activities, family stuff, beach, town, driving the Saab convertible with the roof down, daily temps of about 70 degrees, big passionate skies full of clouds and sun.
We have about 5 acres here with horses, orchard and paddocks.
England won the second test, I was sailing with the boys (only had to go in the drink twice to unsnag the propellor from the weeds).
Spent today with nephews and neice watching 'Charlie and the chocolate factory' and was delighted to find that 4 year old Ben is quite the film critic. Then walked into the city from my brother's house and did some shopping. Back to Chestnut Cottage (6 miles from anywhere) and ate and drank!!
Miss you all.
Mr and Ms Random Doubt.

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Debbie said...

nice to have you bloggin' again