Monday, June 13, 2005

The remarkably flexible memory.

I wish I could blame the warm weather, I wish I could blame a sustained abundance of alcohol or even drugs. I can do neither. It seems that 2005 has become the year of the remarkably flexible memory.
I've not become forgetful per sae, I just seem to have issues regarding the important, often work related stuff. I have a dear friend and co worker who you may be familiar with who has become increasingly exasperated by the fluidity of my mind. This is not a mental health thing or a sign of anxiety or depression, in fact, in that annoying Bowles way I doubt I've ever been happier.
It's just that I fear I am becoming increasingly incapable of remembering detail. Things like field trips and even what time of day I should get to work (during the flexible summer months anyway). Today I arrived an hour early to be greeted later by Listmaker with a knowing pseudo frown and mock lecture about this malaise.
I do remember some stuff. I remember that Joe Ferrari has yet to reply to me. I remember that I have some fun weekends ahead. I remember that dad is still in the hospital after a dodgy hip operation. I remember important anniversaries and weddings and birthdays. I never ever forget my keys.
I just want to say to those that this affects the most (OK, Listmaker, like do you come from a long line of highly detailed bureaucrats down there in DC or what?) that i'm working on it.


Listmaker said...

my dad is indeed a gov't hack.

i guess i learned from him that if you have a big meeting that has been planned awhile in advance that you should show up with the necessary work already completed. that is all.

Debbie said...

Let it go!
I remember how this was going on during lunch today.
But really, forgetting the workshop was funny.
Random it's okay this happens when we get older.
Listmaker is still a young whippersnapper. Did I just use the word whippersnapper?

Listmaker said...

he's a month younger than me!

how could i stay mad at a guy who uses this excuse for why he didn't come prepared for work on monday, "i was hugging the ac all weekend?" anyone who would use that excuse as an honest attempt to extricate himself from scorn is ok in my book.

Mondale said...

Want to know what's really funny? I had completeley forgotten that I had forgotten to attend that workshop.
I could have been improving myself as a teacher, a Brooklynite and a person, all paid for by someone else, away from school for the day but instead I forgot and came to work as usual. Noone, except Listmaker, even noticed.

weasel said...

You have always been fairly forgetful, old chap. Remember the time we forgot where the Amabelle was? Bloody long night that was, tromping through cow pastures looking for the top of a mast. Better not forget my birthday though (it approaches rapidly) given that I haven't missed yours once in 16 years....

Debbie said...

I always forget birthdays.
Mr. Bowles never forgets waffle day so Weasel I doubt he will forget your birthday.
Wait Waffle day is Mr. Bowles b-day, that's probably why he never forgets.
Some things you should never forget
-april 15th is tax day
- your wedding anniversary
- weasels birthday
-curriculum reports
-closing the door so the air won't escape in your room in the 5 seconds the door was opened.
-to return any borrowed CD or DVD from Listmaker.
-your meds

Listmaker said...

thanks for the reminder --

bowles, please bring back that twilight zone dvd tomorrow!

mactechwitch said...

I am finding that increasingly I forget the things that OTHERS deem important. Could that be happening to you? Your memory usually works for you not against you. I believe we don't forget important things, at least until we're diagnosed with senile dementia.

My brain's too crowded with detail. I wish I could just clear it out like my school e-mail mailbox in June.