Monday, June 13, 2005

It's been a while....

Apologies randomites, I've been lazy.
It's the end of the school year and I am shifting towards "Summer Bowles" mode. All this despite a full week of school work ahead and then working summer camp.
Ms Random Doubt and I have spent a glorious weekend doing a walking tour of Red Hook and generally hugging the AC or alternately opening all the doors and windows when we foolishly thought the temperature had dropped a degree or two. We then shut everything up and cranked up the AC again.
Kitten has passed out in various parts of the apartment and has been fluffy and hot.
I checked my diary, saw an 8.30am meeting for Monday and proceeded to indulge in a few Gin and Tonics on a hot summers night. It's nice being English, you only have one 'cocktail' to choose from and it's so damned refreshing.
I shall write more soon, I'm over the England team and will soon be in summer mode. Looking forward to summer events and casual living.

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Debbie said...

If we can get weasel to blog then we are all caught up.