Sunday, June 19, 2005


I do like new blogs. I especially like new blogs from people I know. Accordingly I'd like to say a big Mondale hello to Maureen, a much esteemed co-worker. Check her out with the link below.
Welcome to blogworld Mactechwitch!
nb: Weasel, do you remember McWitch from the UK kid's TV show 'Renta-ghost'?


mactechwitch said...

I'm blushing at this welcome.
and I am reading through your recent posts for hints on why you have chosen this name.

weasel said...

Maureen- its because he likes affable losers, and has always wanted the nickname "Fritz" (Bowles is a catholic German after all, and I'm sure there is a third stike lurking out there somewhere). I shall check out your site; the BC crew all seem rather adept at this blogging malarkey.

Bowles- I do indeed remember McWitch (so much more likeable than that bloody hippy Claypole).