Sunday, June 26, 2005

A most agreeable evening.

Spent last night celebrating Muskin's birthday at 'Sing Sing' a fashionable karaoke bar in the east village.
I love Karaoke. I do, lots of people can testify. It definately has lots to do with loving the sound of my own voice and holding onto the idea that I have much more singing talent than I actually do. It also helps getting very drunk and physically wrestling the microphone from people smaller than me.
Last night I managed to develop the 'stealth lurk' approach (until Ms Random Doubt made me stop). This involved moving close to the singer and jumping in with the chorus, adding to the overall karaoke experience immensely.
Apart from the 'stealth lurk' I did manage to pay my own way and hog the mike with the birthday boy and his passion for tequila.
The interesting thing about a karaoke hangover is that it is blended with lots of songs. I lie on the sofa, airconditioning wafting over me as "Don't go changing" or "You're so vain" drum through my addled brain.

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