Sunday, June 26, 2005

Google and sitemeters.

In order to celebrate the upcoming anniversary of the founding of this illustrious organ I have established a sitemeter. Not for Mondale the self congratulatory show of pictures and images of skiing pets or baseball trips. No lobster here. I have put this in because it's really useful.

On a related note we are proud to annouce that we have risen to page 2 of Google's 'Walter Mondale'. Just type the former veep into everybody's favourite search engine and there we are, page 2. Marvellous.

The first eleven put up a valiant performance against St Johns with Mallory taking three wickets. Unfortunately it was not enough and the Mondalians were trailing by 45 runs before bad light stopped play.

The CCF will meet at Mr Lockwood's room by the generator shed in order to prep for the upcoming combined schools exercise. Ammo can be collected from Mr Lockwood at that time.

Col. Bookham will be giving a talk about military formations, a must for all cadets. Mr Henderson's room at 3.15.

French club is cancelled this week.

Hymn # 332 "Praise thy god oh lord of heaven".


jamie said...

oh lord, someone's been nipping at the scotch again.

weasel said...

Ladies and gentlemen, pray thanks to Mondale for giving you a glimpse into a version of a morning ritual I went through every school day for 7 years and Mondale did for 2. Nothing beats asembly at an English boarding school, except perhaps the super powerful "chapel assembly" which also involved compolsory praying and very clean shoes.

Other than the fact that we CCF cadets drew our (live!) ammo for range practice from the appropriately named Dr. Shuter this was eerily acurate on all fronts. Scotch was likely involved Jamie, as it was even then (a quick illicit morning round of "gunfire" [rum or whisky in tea] was not uncommon among the upper VIth in mine and Mondale's day; very bracing).

Oh and Mondale, you asked me on the phone for the poxy army info; I'm not some saddo militia maniac I have everyone know.

Mondale said...

Little known fact: Dr Shuter once saved my life. I shall blog all the details soon.

bri said...

This was extremely disorienting for me, having spent the last couple of days reading an Elizabeth George mystery novel that takes place at an invented British boarding school where the headmaster's name is Lockwood.

weasel said...

Bri, Mr. Lockwood (that is Bowles & my Mr Lockwood) taught history; Bowles has based his entire teaching persona on Lockwood, he even has a smiliar tweedy hat to our old sensei/taskmaster.

mactechwitch said...

I can tell that Bowles is having a good time at the summer job. He has time for all these posts before quitting time at 4:30 PM.