Wednesday, November 03, 2004

say it aint so.

Or, as that other type of republican, Oliver Cromwell was once heard to utter
"I beseech you in the bowels of christ, think it possible that you may be mistaken."
As we hang in limbo it may not be that easy to find a lighter note but I will try. Here is some genuine satire from a Brooklyn third grader.

"When George W. Bush became president my class went to Canada to escape him. I invited my parents and my sister. We brought our winter clothes and anti Bush signs. Bush's politics explained nothing but his love for monkeys and how he thought mice should be the congressmen. We thought a bread box would be a better president. Bush was running against the breadbox. Everyone voted for the breadbox but Bush said "recount" and stole the election. He went kind of mad so we decided to move to Canada for 4 years. We all got along so well with Michael Moore. We had to live in igloos."

Stay lucky.

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weasel said...

Very cool kid.

The trouble this time I fear with us in the loyal opposition can be summed up by another quote from God's Englishman:

"I know not what I would have, but I know what I would not."

Interesting analysis from Tom Paine (the website, not the dead Norfolk partisan) about why red state blue collar goes white shoe at elections: