Monday, November 08, 2004

It's about time.

At last!
I've managed to negotiate the vast complexities of linking to other sites!
Please, if you're not alreday familiar with the wonderful stuff that's out there go ahead and take a look.
And big thanks to the northern Dan (Wisdom Weasel) for sending me the info.


weasel said...

Northern Dan; makes me sound like a Colin Welland character. If I have to be northern, can I at least be slightly fey, like Alan Bennett?

Mondale said...

there's only one bloody alan bennett bloody type round 'ere and that's me.

weasel said...

Oh. I had you down as more of a Foggy type from Last of The Summer Wine.
Hey, go look at the cool changes I've done to the Weasel and write nice things.

Debbie said...

dumb me left the directions in sues classroom. Hope she doesnt throw them out. Why am I the 7th link. I should be higher up. Wait, 7 is a good number leave me there

Anonymous said...

Write something new you lazy bastard.