Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Prince of days.

As you, my loyal reader will no doubt be aware, I, Random Doubt aka Bowles live within a mediaeval level of superstition. That's why writing this and entitling it "The prince of days " is bound to blow up in my face.
Just a couple of prompts that have made me write.
Wisdom weasel has been running a History Friday piece for a number of months. But I got him now! Today is the 88th anniversary of the end of the Battle of the Somme, arguably the costliest encounter in British military history. After 5 months of killing, the British generals decided to call off the assault having gained about 6 feet of French mud. That's a flippant and horribly generalised summary but this is a blog. You want to understand? Read a book.
Apes (well,the shrewdness of) threw in a Bill Hicks reference. I read this earlier this morning (as part of a wider piece about drugs). My opinions regarding the late Bill Hicks are nobody's business but my own but I did laugh when I read what was written. I laughed and I felt better about the world.
Finally, Listmaker claims that only one of his co workers follows the show "The amazing race" and that she is a girl. Dude, I'm not a girl. And sometimes a show can be brilliant purely because people just run around and yell at each other.
And the anonymous who asked me to write new stuff? Feast on this.
Oh, Thursdays are , and have been for some time, my favourite day of the week. That's something for another time.


weasel said...

I understand little. I see all.

I was born on a Thursday, so I understand your affinity with the day. More of a Tuesday man myself, though. Don't know why really.

Listmaker said...

you watch amazing race? really? i had no idea.

Mondale said...

I have been known to watch it and to enjoy it. Don't just assume that it's only the chicks that dig this stuff.

Listmaker said...

only assuming chicks dig this stuff?

what? just because i happened to talk to debbie about the show does not mean that i was making any such assumptions. go back to england, pal.

Debbie said...

Are you guys calling me a chick!?