Friday, November 05, 2004

Don't push me.

This is written in response to the Bush voters.
I have a calm soul and pride myself in being a bit of a gentle spirit. I try to pass through this life with a benevolent air. This does not mean that I feel no pain, this does not mean that I am immune to anger or fierce, irrational emotions. Please, don't push me.
I cannot recall a time when I or so many of my nearest and dearest have been so upset by a man and his vision. The events of November 2nd have clarified this, there are some small, positive aspects but it's mostly worry, concern and fear. Republicans and their allies must understand this and they must understand that we will never give up our strongly held views just because "it's all over now and we should all heal and unite".
I oppose the republican agenda, pretty much always have and i hope to god (yes, look, I believe in god too, a good liberal god who cares not if you are rich, poor, gay or straight, etc , etc.) that I always will.
Yes, you're right, this is a rant. A great big , pissed off, emotional, unstable rant. I've just read so much over the past few days and have become so proud of my friends and their opinions, of so many beautiful people. It's just a shame that their eyes are clouded by sorrow right now.
Our time will come, but not without a fight.
Get to it.
My predictions? Within 2 years there will be a draft, either directly or by making a military sponsored education so damn attractive as to become the only real option for many. Nice idea, get a degree and if you live through your tour you get to use it.
When they are calling up 47 year old reservists from Brooklyn the bottom of the barrel has got to be pretty close.
That's it, i'm gone.

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