Saturday, November 20, 2004

it's a marathon, not a sprint

Hallelujah! Saints be praised! And see, come, look upon my people and rejoice!
Norwich city have finally won a game in the Premiership!
Whilst I slept the good sleep of a man five margeritas to the worse my boys done good.
Norwich City 2. Southampton 1.
I am happy.
The future has just become a slightly better place.
Thank you.


weasel said...

One win and I am incredibly, irrationally happy beyond measure.

jamie said...

i told you they would pull it out. a couple more like that (and the schedule is not unfavorable the next few weeks) and a little anti-relegation momentum could be built.

Mondale said...

And another thing, a technical aside if you will. Jamie is a Redsox fan who is thinking about joining the ranks of 'the Villa'. In Birmingham they have an exclamation for things that are great, fantastic, amazing etc. It's "Bostin!!"
Which sounds awfully like 'Boston' doesn't it?