Monday, November 22, 2004


I guess I'm at that age where heroes should cease to exist. life has treated me well and I'm happy to be who I am and where I am but I can see the cracks and the holes and I am sad to admit that I can see that some folk have hearts blackened by hatred or despair.
But I'm an optimist.
I do still have heroes.
I dont folow them blindly but I do think about them and admire them. Some are dead. Some are still creating great music. Some are Welsh. Some are playing for Norwich City. Some are baseball players. Some are real people who I actually know. Some are politicians but i'm pretty sceptical about them. I have met one or two of them and have always been dissapointed, that's why, unless they came up to me, I would try and avoid them.
But I like the fact that there are people out there, who, by virtue of what they do, inspire me. They delight me. They provoke thought and discussion. I laugh at them and I laugh with them. Some of them are quite unusual choices. Some of them have been misunderstood by history.
But to me that's OK.
I should go now. I'll wander off along 7th Avenue and dream about bumping into Steve Earle.


weasel said...

WELSH????????? Aside from Aneurin Bevan, Barry John, and Neil Kinnock (with caveats) who the bloody hell is there to get behind there?

Michael Howard is Welsh you know.

Don't talk to me about bloody Wales. I had a horrible holiday there in a caravan in Betsy Cowed and it put me right off. It's bad enough we have to play football in Cardiff without you getting all S4C on me.

Erm, you don't have Welsh antecedents I don't know about, do you?

Mondale said...

Lloyd George was bloody Welsh you know man!
Super furry Animals are bloody Welsh!
Half my bloody mother's bloody family are bloody Welsh you know!
B'ioch A'var Weasel!

Mondale said...

Michael Howard is also a fanatical Mets fan. This worries me but not enough to stop loving them. What about the Manic Street Preachers? Not hero status but certainly reasonably Welsh. Iwan Roberts? And Evans the cook?

Anonymous said...

Don't be fooled... the weasel shares a home, a dog, and the electric bill with a proud, dragon loving welsh-american. He's just sour because I make him put down the toliet seat and eat tempeh.