Thursday, May 10, 2007

Tony's gone.(well, going)

You don't need me to tell you the news but I can't let him go quietly.It's really the biggest non story of the year but the changing of the guard is always interesting to a political junkie like myself. Perhaps all the more fascinating when it's done without an election or tanks on the streets.
Check out the Guardian's gallery of today's events.
I'll probably get around to my thoughts about Blair during the next 6 weeks. he actually leaves office on June 27th.
For the full story check today's Guardian.


weasel said...

If only Charles Clarke had stuck with the fight: the next PM could have been a Norwich MP (shudder).

There really is only one choice for PM however- Jeremy McClintock.

Mondale said...

never vote for a man with facial hair. (and spectactulary bloody awful facial hair at that. and before you start Lincoln grew his beard in office cos he was stressed out and stuff)

weasel said...

Not even Clem? I do agree that Lord Salisbury was an utter cad however.

Mondale said...

Oh, I meant beard.

msdee said...

First person I thought of when I read the news this morning was you. How are you holdin' up?