Monday, May 07, 2007

Sunday, Sunday.

The 'block'.

Excellent next door neighbor grilling up on the fire escape.

It's been one of those brilliantly half arsed weekends.
The type of weekend where instead of taking 10 minutes to empty the dishwasher you place dirty dishes in the sink, remove clean items from the dishwasher as you need them and just work around the problem rather than make any attempt at finding a solution.
I sense this may be spring fever. This may also be the moving disease, the 'why bother with the here and now' mentality. We leave Brooklyn in less than two months, we leave the USA in under three. It's really beginning to sink in that we will be leaving.Our apartment has been leased to two bright young things who popped round on Saturday morning. The excitement reached the next stage last week when we actually booked our flight and London car hire for the journey back to Norfolk.
And didn't I tell you the weather would be delightful?


Mark said...

Your return is so eagerly awaited that they've made a tv show about it (Kingdom)...well not really. It stars Stephen Fry, as Stephen Fry, living in north norfolk arsing about with a selection of grateful underemployed actors who seem to be having a lot of fun. No script writers seem to have been involved, but there must be enough footage collected after a weeks following Stephen around to cobble together some very relaxing Sunday evening tv. Not wanting to sound too much like the snobbish bbc2/channel4/radio4 pseud that I am, I think its probably the first thing I've watched on ITV in 10 years (or at least since they lost the premiership - thank goodness...)(...although they've got it back...).

Mondale said...

It seems a touch reminiscent of the show "Blazeby" that a certain Island dwelling Wymondham native and I dreamt up some years ago. It would have been a mix of "Hamish Macbeth" and "Coast" with a dash of "Antiques Roadshow" all set in North Norfolk. That Bastard Fry has stolen my idea!