Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Third Grade writing.

There was once a mad scientist who wanted to make a robot. He worked and worked and he made a robot. He programmed it to do house cleaning. It did house cleaning pretty good.

One day the robot was really tired of working for the mad scientist so the robot went mad. The robot invaded the city with lightning swords, machine guns, blaster rifles and more. Eventually the robot killed everyone so he went to the lab and made more robots.

The robots invaded the earth and even you, Mr. Mondale unfortunately died. One of the robots made a blaster hose and accidentally killed several of the robots. And the first robot grabbed the blaster hose from the other robot and shot him.

The first robot was the only one left so he went on and invaded Venus. Earth and Venus clashed together and formed Venearth. Venearth was so much more awesome than the Earth. He made a city and robots ruled the galaxy.

By the blonde kid who loves Star Wars.

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msdee said...

#715 of "Things I Miss About teaching" I looove to read the children's writing