Thursday, May 17, 2007

Conversations in a deli.

I live in the heart of a fiercely Italian American neigborhood. Perhaps the last great blue collar Italian neighborhood this close to Manhattan. Every day you see the old guys hanging out on the stoops with their cigars and their hand gestures.

Last night I pop into the deli to buy some milk and beer. As ususal I have a quick chat with the deli guy who just happens to be a Chelsea fan. It goes a little like this.

Deli Guy " So you gonna be a Chelsea fan on Saturday?"

He's referring to this weekend's FA Cup Final between Chelsea and Man Utd.
This game has little interest for me, I'll dvr it and watch it Sunday night. Cockney billionaires versus Northern scum billionaires. I spose I'll support Chelsea then.

Me " Yeah, I guess. You guys put us out this year so that counts for something and you know I hate Man Utd, unless they're playing Italians or something".

I'm referring to Utd's recent defeat in the Champions league semis against Milan. Almost all Englishemen will support Utd against a foreign foe.

At this a point cigar chewing lottery guy picks up his ears and joins in our conversation.

CCLG "And what the fuck is wrong with Italians? What you got against Italians?"

Guess you had to be there.

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