Wednesday, October 25, 2006

It's all gotta go!

The picture shows some of my hair. Dirty blonde, thick and strong. And soon to be shaved from my head. Completely, to the bone. Gone.


Because lil Joe has got leukemia and it's the right thing to do.
If you want to donate* (and this is not a pitch, just if you feel like donating)to his parent's chosen charity click upon this link.

For a more indepth look at Joe's progress you can check his blog. Get Well Soon Joe at the bottom of the links.

I'm guessing I'll visit the Park Slope Barbershop within the week. Just waiting for the nod from across the pond.

If you do wish to donate , under no circumstances give any money to me. I won't accept it, it'll just end up down the pub.


weasel said...

I think I'm going to have to smash the piggy bank for young Joe and see what I can scrape together.

Finally you shall fulfill your destiny by looking like Ade Edmunson again.

Mondale said...

Cheers mate, every little bit helps, it really does. I'm actually quite excited about looking like Mr Edward Hitler again.

Anonymous said...

i'm truly touched I am going to check out the blog and see what i can do:)
Be blessed

Anonymous said...

I'm already lacking in the folicle department, but I do have clippers if anyone wants me to bring them tomorrow.

Mondale said...

oooh, clippers? oooh?

Msdee, keep them thoughts and prayers rollin, they are good, god fearin folk (of a Quaker variety) who would really appreiciate anything you can offer.

Listmaker said...

i told you yesterday that you could just use clippers to cut your hair. you insisted you wanted to go to the barber shop. you are such an impressionable little bugger, aren't you? it is so darn adorable.

Mondale said...

I know, but i didnt know anybody had clippers. Now it looks like i'm going to get it done in a pub. Fantastic!

Mondale said...

Sadly it seems that Norris is unable to cut my hair this evening. I shall go to the Parkslope barber shop on Monday. Unless a better alternative comes my way.

Anonymous said...


you are a good man and its good to see Joes support over the pond. Its will also be very funny to see you with your head shaven. Be careful you dont get mistaken for a pumpkin at halloween.

Joes uncle from up north

Mondale said...

Cheers mate.