Tuesday, October 31, 2006

And it is done.

After a week of working up to it, a false start and lots of inner conversations, I finally got shaved. Thanks to Glen for doing the deed and Jane for the pictures.

Me before, all fluffy and suddenly falling in,love with my gorgeous, luxuriant hair.

Glen, the master barber. I was a bit disconcerted by the way he kept refering to himself as 'Sweeney Todd'.

Given the opportunity who wouldnt try a few styles?

There was beer, quite a bit of beer.

Ta da!

So remember kids, this is all for Joe and his 'shave your head campaign. You can still donate. check out the link on getwellsoonjoe.


Anonymous said...

wow I'm syrprised, you look great baldness suits you!:)

You're a good boy Charlie Brown:)

weasel said...

You look like a glasses-wearing testicle.

Not really (nowhere near wrinkly enough), but as is traditional between us I had to say something rude.

Nicely done old chap; v proud of you. I don't suppose you considered just shaving the middle and leaving the sides, a la the preferred look of our Grandfathers' generation and Max Wall?

Listmaker said...

favorite pic -
the one of you in the bathtub holding a beer. classic.