Saturday, October 14, 2006

Book Learning #25

Don’t get too comfortable by David Rakoff.

I saw him as a guest on The Daily Show last week.
He was talking about the log cabin Republicans and was rather amusing.

I thought that this would be a hilarious read.

Ridiculously, in between books hilarious.

It wasn’t.

It was well written and amusing. Perhaps more interesting than amusing. In fact, for the most part it held my attention and inspired thought. This was no rollicking Sedaris style yarn telling, This was funny in parts but more often educational in others, lots others.

The bit about Log Cabin Republicans was funny and pathetically, horribly sad.

The bit about citizenship and identity in the post 9/11 world was funny and fascinating and scary and wierd.

The bit about everybody in the world being equal to a piece of literature , some of us The Guttenburg Bible, some of us those little pink notes that say ‘while you were out’. That was funny.

But I wanted hilarious.


Anonymous said...

This is your older brother here. it seems this blogging is all the rage. so I am going to 'blog'

weasel said...

He's like Neville Chamberlain speaking on the wireless, that Simon is.

Debbie said...

I would love to read Mondals older brother's blog...Oh the stories he must have

Anonymous said...

I dont know why that came out as Debbie but it was me MsDee:)

Mondale said...

Indeed, I am seeking your blog as we speak.