Friday, October 06, 2006


So I lost the conker fight.

My Boss had a much bigger conker, it was a year old.
He'd told me where to find conkers in Prospect Park. When I found the tree last Saturday it was littered with very small conkers.

I smelled a conspiracy but kept quiet, not wanting to upset anything before the big bout.

I would never wish to smear an opponent, I just wonder how the hell he sleeps at night?

Truth be told it was a very close fight, No stampsies, lots of clean hits on both sides. The music teacher did a great job with the organ music. Towards the end both conkers developed large splits, it was simply a case of who connected next.

He did.

Still, I like to think that I have become the 'People's champion' or even better, the 'Children's champion' because children are better than grown up people because they are the future. I lost to 'The Man', I was their underdog. I have had a bunch of kids commiserate with me as I pass through the hallways. Perhaps I shall become their 'Queen of Hearts'.


Anonymous said...

Far better to be the "Queen of Hearts" than to be the "Lonesome Loser," who we know is beaten by the Queen of Hearts every time...

Mondale said...

You're a lonesome loser right now aren't you, Yankee fan.

weasel said...

Stay away from French chauffeurs and road tunnels.

Anonymous said...

Hey, my team got its $200 million ass kicked. Tip of my cap to the Tigers, and, I guess, support of the Mets the rest of the way. They're fun to watch anyway.

Mondale said...

Yeah!! GO METS!!