Sunday, September 07, 2008


Look at this!

OK, for those of you unfamiliar or a bit rusty on your East Anglian rivalries allow me to recap.

I am of Norfolk.
Norfolk good.
Norfolk above Suffolk.
In every way better.

Some years ago a number of political organisations were formed to promote Norfolk as a cultural and political entity free of the yoke of English imperialism. The leading light in this quest for independence was the NLA. The Norfolk Liberation army. I have never blogged this before because it's very existence is open to interpretation and doubt.

They say it is an autocratic cell based organisation dedicated to all things Norfolk. At least it was until Mad Nathan moved to London and Gary's van got stolen.

Anyway, one of the main goals of this group was (and is) the southward expansion of Norfolk's border with it's oldest foe, Suffolk.

And now, it seems that Suffolk is inviting us in to take over one of it's poorest boroughs.

The southerners have decided that they are unable to care for their own, and need economic, political and cultural support.

It seems to be a shame that our democratically elected representatives here in Norfolk seem so short sighted and are less than keen about making this historic step, the first step on a path to conquest and glory.

Next stop Southwold and Walberswick.


Emily Fabpants said...

Of all that things, I found out the other day that I still have my NLA card. It was in a pot with a penknife that my Dad engraved with my name (with a dentist’s drill too!). I got very told off for taking that knife to primary school and it was used to break into a derelict house. Knife crime is so 70s. That pot was a great find. NLA indeed!

Mondale said...

Rise Up Sister!!
Bring yourself to the border of your revolutionary consciousness and join the tanks of imagination and groove! We shall liberate Sufolk with a mighty cheer and a hearty song. Last one to the pub (in Southwold) in a woose!

weasel said...

Southwold could be Norfolk's Danzig.

Mondale said...

Yeah, And you could be our John McCain, Learning to love your own county while trapped in someone else's.

weasel said...

Unlike Senator McCain, nobody has yet attempted to bayonet my willy.